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York lettings: Melrosegate (10)

4 Bedroom Semidetatched House

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York Student Accommodation


York lettings: Alcuin Avenue

4 Bedroom Terraced House

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York Student Accommodation


York lettings: Stanley Street (23)

4 Bedroom Terraced House

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York Student Accommodation


York lettings: Tang Hall Lane

4 Bedroom Semidetatched House

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you reserve a property for me if I am interested in signing the tenancy agreement at a later date?
A: We are unable to reserve properties.

Q: How long in advance do we need to book if we want to look at some houses?
A: We need 24 hours to inform current tenants of viewings on properties.

Q: Can I sign for a property without viewing it first?
A: We insist that all tenants view the property prior to signing a tenancy agreement to avoid disappointment.

Q: Do you do credit checks?
A: Yes. Although in the case of students, every tenant requires a guarantor, this needs to be someone that is a UK resident, a homeowner and fully employed.

Q: How often do we have to pay rent?
A: The rent is paid monthly. For student accommodation the rent is paid in quarterly instalments.

Q: How do I pay the rent?
A: Rent is paid by standing order, and will be paid automatically once this is set up. Rent for student accommodation can also be paid by post dated cheques.

Q: Is there a bond?
A: Yes and this is returned to you at the end of the tenancy.

Q: Who holds the bond?
A: The bond is safeguarded by the Deposit Protection Service, The Pavilions, Bridgewater Road, Bristol, BS99 6AA.

Q: What is the bond for?
A: The bond you pay is used to cover the cost of repairs for any damages done to the property whilst you are living there. This is a standard practise undertaken by all letting agents. The bond is returned to you at the end of the tenancy agreement once we have inspected the property and are happy with it being in the same condition to when you move in.

Q: Are bills included in the rent?
A: No

Q: I want to move out before the end of my tenancy.
A: On an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, youíre legally bound until the end of your tenancy period. We can however discuss ending your tenancy if you have a replacement. Please contact our office administrator to discuss this.

Q: What happens if I fall into arrears?
A: Please refer to your tenancy agreement for details on charges that could be applied. The sooner you let us know of any extenuating circumstances the quicker we can try and work with you. We donít like charging fees and we are sure that you also donít like the embarrassment (and cost) of not paying your rent on time.

Q: When do I move out?
A: The last day of the tenancy. Please check with us if you are unsure of your contract end date. Please note you must vacate the accommodation by 10am on the last day of your contract.

Q: Who will deal with repairs?
A: Levi Dale has its own maintenance team, who will respond to any repairs or work that is required in accordance to its urgency.

Q: What do I do if I lose my key?
A: You must inform us as soon as possible and we will arrange for a replacement key. Please note there will be a charge to replace the lost key.

Q: What should I do in the event of a fire?
A: If a fire breaks out in the property

  • Get everyone out
  • Stay out
  • Dial 999 immediately Ė itís free from any phone